Get Your Ex Back

June 11, 2016

Determining Whether or not to Get your Ex Back

Sometimes destiny is decided for you, but yet every action you take to contributed to fate actually can chance the outcome of your future. Remember there are thousands of other people going through this right now and many of them come through it.

Reconciliation can sometimes make the relationship better than before. Of course, with that you need to know if getting back together with your ex is the right thing to do. It happens in the movies all the time, but not always in real life.

not to Get your Ex Back

One Sure Way to Get Get back

If you think you have a chance, the best way to get your ex back is to show your ex that you are a mature adult who is coping very well with your new life. There is no room for drama if you really want to reconcile.

When you have decided you want to get ex back drop the baggage in order to improve your chances of succeeding at winning their love once again. Also approach the person with the attitude that you are not just going to assume that the person will take you back.

When to Try, and When to Move On

Of course, your former lover best interest is not the only one at stake if you try to return to the relationship. You also have quite a bit to consider. You do not want to get hurt again, not any more than that person does.

For instance, if your ex left you for someone else, you always run the risk of repetition. Regarding this, also beware that you may be prepared to change but your ex may not. They may still not want to be with you no matter how hard you try to get that person to love you.

Of course, if your ex is now married stay away from that person completely. Furthermore, think twice about trusting a person who has ever cheating on you. That trust will need to be won back slowly.

On thing that can help you during this time is the feedback of your friends. If very good friends are telling you that to get ex back would be a bad decision, it may be wise to listen.

However, most of all listen to your heart. Do you truly believe that your ex is a good person? Are you aware of various dynamics of the relationships that your friends know nothing about? If so, then you are not necessarily wrong in going against their advice.

In the end, all that matters is that you and your former lover you hope to reconcile with are happy. If you are then you should be able to share a bright future together.

However, if you dread the thought of a future with your ex, proceed with reconciliation very slowly. Hope for the best but also be prepared that things may not always work out. No matter what, try to do your best to continue or end it on a positive note.

How to Get an Ex Back

Ex Back

If you want to get an ex back it is easy if you know how – read the magic of making up review to learn on how to get your ex back fast at tiy8. It may take work though, because your relationship did not start to fall apart overnight. Many relationships falter at different reasons.

For instance, perhaps one person may lose a job and have a low self-esteem during that time. Another reason may be a breach of trust, such as in the case of cheating. Yet another reason why relationships dissolve is simply because people constantly are growing and changing and sometimes people grow apart.

During this confusing time, sometimes instead of walking away seems easier than just dealing with the issues at hand. In the process, you may be lonely afterwards; wishing you instead had chosen to fight for what could be really good once again.

However, you also need to keep in mind that not every relationship is meant to be.  Therefore, before you decide to get your ex back you need to decide if that would be in your best interest. You also need to know for sure if that would be in the best interest of the other person.


Reasons for Possible Reconciliation

All people are different and usually opposites attract. Therefore, it is important to remember that you ex might be feeling the same way as you. Different personalities deal with situations differently and it’s often a simple case of making them ask you back. Follow this plan and you will increase our chances of getting your ex back.

Prepare to win over that Ex

This is often one of the best ways to win over a former lover or spouse. This can involve a variety of aspects, such as showing the person no longer just absorbed completely in him or her.

For instance, you might consider taking up a new hobby or spending more time with your friends so your lover can have some time alone. Besides, if you have more friends and more of a social life it will definitely work in your favor.

Furthermore, as you prepare to succeed, be also careful not to set your hopes to high. After all, winning your ex back is not all about you. It is also about how that person feels as well.

It may depend upon whether or not you ever broke that person’s trust. It might also depend upon if that person is going through a really hard time, or if that person wants to be in a relationship.

As you try to win your ex back try not to force the issue. That would only make things worse. Just show him or her that you still care, and even that you still lover that person. Above all, just be patient.

Furthermore, whether or not the person comes around beware that you need to believe in your self. Remember also that in some cases it may not be your fault if the person does not want you back.

Just remain confident in this case. Besides, perhaps this is an uncertain time that you can make the most of-having fun. This may do you well; as an ex may notice that other people re attracted to you and then may want you back for sure!

Getting an Ex back – Do’s and Don’ts

Relationships often don’t last forever, except maybe in fairy tales and movies! Many of us have gone through the painful heartbreak of breaking up with a significant ‘other’ and felt like it was the end of the world!

A cardinal rule to remember here is that relationships will last as long as both partners are willing to work at it.  Learn to compromise and accept that there will be ups and downs in the course of relationships.

If you’re one of those individuals who’s convinced that your ex was the best thing that ever happened to you and are determined to win him/her back, here are some simple tips guiding you on what and what not to do!!

Get Ex back, Do's and Don'ts

Helpful Tips

  • Kick that depression! Wallowing in misery is a great way to gain the sympathy of your family and friends, but don’t make it a habit. While it is natural to feel depressed and sad at the end of the relationship, you need to work at getting out of your miserable state and think and act positively, if you intend to get your ex back.
  • Step back and create some space between yourself and your ex. Constantly bombarding the ex with phone calls, mails, text messages, etc, is NOT the way to go, if you want your ex back. You’ll end up being characterized as neurotic, defendant and clinging – like poison ivy!

Your obsessive and constant attempts to get in touch with your ex will actually end up driving him/her further away. Relax, step back and make some time for yourself instead. Get a makeover or your hair done, start an exercise program, indulge in your favorite pastimes.

You want your ex to see you as a strong and independent individual with an interesting and enjoyable life, even while you’re solo and this new perception of you might actually have them thinking about getting back together!

  • Make a concerted effort-this time! Perhaps you were a jerky man or a selfish woman who in the past who never wanted to put your equal time into a relationship as Spend some time thinking and working out the problems, which plagued your relationship. Spend more time on this relationship to work it out than you used to do.

The cliché – time heals all – is not actually true! It also requires a dispassionate and fair look at the problems, faults of both people in the relationship and what you could have done to set things right. Once you’ve analyzed what went wrong and why; start working on resolving these issues.

Accept that you are equally, if not more, responsible for the troubles in your relationship and work on getting them right. This way, you will be able to talk out your relationship troubles with your ex and impress them with your logic and commonsense.

Once you’re back together, don’t slide back into your old self or get back to living in la-la land! Work on the relationship, give each other space and watch the relationship grow and flourish!