Powerful Band-saw, Drill Press, Air Compressor

March 30, 2016

18-Inch Band Saw

Today, there are lots of types of saws that are used by construction workers. Several companies of construction tools are making this type of saw that are now available in the market. One of the best-selling brands of this type of saw is the RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw. This is one of the most popular brands because of the good features of this product that any other brands don’t have.

RIKON 10-345


  • It has a blade tension that has the feature of quick release
  • This particular brand of band saw has 2 speeds; 1510 ft. /min and 3220 ft. /min
  • It has a blade guard that is hinged with a sight window
  • The dust ports of this product are dual and measures 4 inches
  • The blade of this product is guided with double bearing
  • It measures 26.5 by 35.8 by 76 inches
  • It weighs 389 pounds.


  • Compared to some other products, the RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw has a lot of advantages. Users of this product are very satisfied about the performance. One of the most important advantages of this product is the blade tension. Some other brands’ blade tension is very weak and slow in performance. But, the blade tension of this product is very easy to use and quick in performance.
  • Another advantage of using this product is the port that is specially made for dusts. It has the feature of dual and measures 4 inches for best dust separation. Some other brands of this type of saw don’t have this feature.
  • Then, the package of this product is another advantage. There are a lot of included materials that are very important in cutting things in construction.


  • It doesn’t mean that RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw only has advantages in using. Some of the customers of this product also have complaints. One of the most common problems that are being encountered by the customers of this product is the price. Compared to some other products, the price of this particular saw is expensive.
  • Another disadvantage of this product is the weight. It is a bit heavy tool so placing this product in one location to another is quite difficult.

RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw is one of the best-selling brands of band saw because the makers of this product include a lot of good features. Compared to some other brands of this type of saw, it is more recommendable to have this brand.

Powerful Mini Drill Press

In case you have been dealing with fussy or complicated arrangement when using the regular benchtop drill press, you can consider using the mini drill press. If you read many drill press reviews, you will understand how this mini machine can really provide easiness and flexibility into your regular work. As you can imagine, beside the compact size and the smaller arrangement, there is nothing to worry about as it won’t compromise the handle and usage.

Mini Drill Press

Basic and General Facts

The mini or small drill press can deliver great handle and usage for your regular drilling activity. If you have limited space at home or you have small workshop, this machine will be just ideal for you. The price is right and the smaller footprint will deliver great versatility. The general power and features for this machine is speed settings for different range as well as powerful motor – although small – are quite powerful to get the work done. The speed can be arranged through the drive belt adjustment manually. The motor generally runs on 100 watt and 110 volt ability, which is quite good for the small space.

The Main Perks and Benefits

There are some benefits of having this around. For a starter, you can enjoy the great power with limited space. Don’t underestimate the look and design because there are loads of hidden powers within such compact device. Second, the compact sizing and the portability allows you better handle and control of the speed and you can even get straighter holes. Lots of people have problems operating it when they are small or they aren’t buff, but you are allowed to operate the machine easily with this one. Arranging the angle is also easy. You can hold the item to drill within the angle that you want and have it a go. With better control, you can avoid having to deal with broken drill pieces.

Safety Concern

Some people, however, underestimate these small drill presses. They often neglect the safety concern and preparation, thinking that such small device won’t be able to do damages. Well, any kind of industrial machines are risky, so you need to be careful about it. Don’t forget to wear the proper protection, including the eye protection. It is advisable that you don’t wear loose clothes or keep your long hair tied neatly on the back. This mini drill press may seem harmless, but you don’t want to test out the power.

Portable Air Compressor

If you are preparing to do a project at home, or buying equipment for a work site and you need to focus on finding the right machine to operate your pneumatic tools. You will learn which compressors are meant for which job application and what to look for when you are shopping for best portable air compressor.

Air Compressor

There are three grades among portable air compressors: Consumer, Contractor and Commercial. Each one provided the right amount of air compression to suit the job. When you are shopping for power tools you need to look for certain elements:

  • Match the compressor to the duties
  • Portability
  • Power source
  • Tank size

Consumer Air Compressor:

Some home projects require the special power that a compressor provides from pumping up the football, to airing up bike tires, to doing small building projects that require a brad gun or stapler. Which portable compressor is right for these jobs? Check out Consumer Grade:

  • Choose a smaller compressor with a 1-6 gallon tank.
  • An electric one that uses 110 to 120 volts is great for indoor applications, a gas one is good for outdoor projects.

Contractor Air Compressor:

  • Contractors will use powerful pneumatic tools such as nail guns and other larger tools that will need a higher output of air. Select either a carrying version or one that can be rolled on wheels.
  • The tank should be large enough to put out a lot of air and not shut on and off too often.  The best size is 4 to 5 gallons.
  • A gas operated one will allow for outdoor uses. New job sites may not have electrical power onsite so a gas model will assure that you are good to go.

Commercial Air Compressor:

Commercial businesses that use compressed air often as a part of their job tasks will benefits from larger compressors that then to be more stationary. The larger tanks will provide a constant supply of air. The power source will either be gas or electric at a higher voltage rating. The places that will use commercial grade are auto shops, manufacturing plants, and very large locations like amusement parks and oil rigs, for example.

  • The tank will be 20-30 gallons, large enough to maintain constant flow.
  • These are quite large, so obviously they are not as portable as the others tanks mentioned.

Before you rush out to buy one blindly, figure out how you will use the compressor, how often it will be needed and the power source you will use to operate the compressor.  It will be much easier to find the best one that way.  Below I have constructed a simple to follow list if you want to cut to the chase, for all other models you should check Amazon as they usually have the best price for portable air compressors.